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This is a very unique carpet cleaning opportunity for anyone considering getting into the carpet cleaning business, or even if you are already in the business, Cleanpro provides a revolutionary carpet cleaning system that uses science and technology to achieve unsurpassable results. The Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System leaves no residue and dries in about 1-2 hours. Our carpet cleaning opportunity also includes upholstery cleaning along with flood and fire restoration services.

Are you tired of working for someone else?

David Parker -

"For 16 years I worked in the music business teaching and performing. That life can be tough on someone like me with a wife and two kids. So, looking to make a change I came across Cleanpro. I wasn't even looking to get into the carpet cleaning industry I just knew I needed something else other than what I was doing.

What sealed the deal for me was the character of Kevin Owsley, the President, and the staff at Cleanpro. They are awesome people with an amazing opportunity. In the years I have been building my Cleanpro business, I have found everything I've learned about the
ION EXCHANGE™ process and how superior it is compared to anything else in the industry, I realized that this by far the best technology available, and nothing can compete with this product.

I researched many carpet cleaning companies, and I am confident I have chosen the best. This along with the ongoing support and mentoring from Kevin Owsley and his team have helped me to build something truly amazing for our family."

David Parker
- Nashville, Tennessee

The Cleanpro Opportunity

Cleanpro is the opportunity of a lifetime. If you've been searching for a carpet cleaning franchise or carpet cleaning opportunity, we have a unique and exclusive opportunity for anyone looking to get into the carpet cleaning business. Cleanpro is the carpet cleaning authority when it comes to business opportunities in the carpet cleaning industry. So called "dry" carpet cleaning, steam cleaning (hot water extraction) and all other carpet cleaning methods can't even compete to what Cleanpro has to offer. The Cleanpro carpet cleaning system was designed to overcome the familiar problems of over wetting and residue that are associated with steam cleaning, whether you're using truck mount or portable extraction.

Solid business opportunities are few and far between these days, and franchise opportunities are a dime a dozen. Compared to other carpet cleaning franchises and carpet cleaning opportunities, Cleanpro simply can't be beat. When it comes to carpet cleaning, Cleanpro has an exclusive carpet cleaning opportunity. Choosing the right business can be a difficult decision... look no further! With the Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System, your small business, which can be a home-based business, can grow to its full potential within the carpet cleaning industry.

The Cleanpro Opportunity may be the one you've been looking for. From our exclusive carpet cleaning products, extensive training, a protected market territory, ongoing support, and the use of our exclusive system, your opportunity for success can become a reality.

The Cleanpro Family

At Cleanpro we take pride in helping every one of our Cleanpro professionals from all over the United States to help achieve their goals. We provide exclusive ongoing support, training and business services so you can have the confidence you are not alone with your small business. Here at Cleanpro you're family!

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