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     At Cleanpro one of the most important things we are going to focus on in your training is Sales and Marketing support. Because Cleanpro has an entirely different way of cleaning carpets, we have an entirely different way of doing things. This especially applies to the selling and marketing of the Cleanpro System. There are 2 major markets out there in the carpet cleaning industry. The residential market, and the commercial market.

     Each market is unique, and our approach is very specific to each and every industry out there. We don't have a one size fits all approach. To be very effective in pursuing each and every industry, you have to have a specialized approach to each area that you are going after. The most common mistake that most carpet cleaning companies make, especially when they get started, is they bury themselves in advertising costs. In a lot of cases carpet cleaning companies go out of business before the even have a chance to get going.
     With Cleanpro, that will not happen. We have very safe, cost effective approaches that have been proven to get people going right from the start. If you follow everything that we teach you, this will give you a great advantage, and enhance your chances of doing very well. A large part of our training is based on Sales and Marketing, because even though we have the best carpet cleaning system in the industry, you still have to have multiple methods to use at your disposal to enhance your chances of success. One thing is for sure, the Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System sells itself.

     We constantly ask people to give us their dirtiest carpet possible for us to show them how well our system works. This really throws a lot of people off. They are definitely not used to that approach. Believe it or not, the dirtier the carpet is, the better the carpet cleaning system shows it's stuff. When you go through one of our training courses, be prepared to learn a lot more than you expect. Knowledge is power, and 20 plus years in the business will be passed on to you through our training. Don't forget, you also have access to our toll free number for the life of your business if you need assistance with anything relating to your business. We always tell people, there is no such thing a a dumb question. As far as we're concerned, every question you may have is important to us. 

Your success is our success!
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