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Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System

Friday, October 18, 2019

Hot water extraction is another term for steam cleaning, which is not actually possible. Let us show you the difference.


Hot Water Extraction

Most people don’t know is that “steam cleaning” is simply a marketing term not an actual carpet cleaning process. In the 1960's when hot water extraction was used to clean carpets (and still is to this very day), it was not possible to market the words “hot water extraction”. So hence the term “steam cleaning” for carpets was born. This term sounded hotter, better, even sanitizing to the public. Steam cleaning does not exist and never will. If you use the actual temperature of steam to clean the carpet, it would melt the carpet. You cannot extract steam, you can only extract water.  Our competitors out there who use hot water extraction, usually brag how hot their water is when it comes out of their machine. What they are not telling you, is that more heat that is used on carpet the more damage is done.

Cleanpro Steam Cleaning

For over half a century our competitors have been marketing their carpet cleaning process as “steam cleaning”. Can you really trust a carpet cleaning process that is not marketed as what it really is?

CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System

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