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Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Dry Carpet Cleaning Service in USA: CLEANPRO®

CLEANPRO® provides dry carpet cleaning service in USA for commercial and residential spaces. Call us +1-888-888-7771 to learn more about the CLEANPRO® carpet cleaning system.

Benefits of CLEANPRO® Dry Carpet Cleaning

CLEANPRO® may not be able to boast an entire water-free cleaning system, but the technology used is as close to dry carpet cleaning as a business can get while providing excellent results.


CLEANPRO® Carpet Cleaning System uses vastly less water for cleaning than a traditional steam cleaning system.



This dry carpet cleaning process means a number of things, including less dry time, allowing the customer to resume their lives as quickly as possible.



Less water is caught under the carpet and pad preventing disintegration from residue and moisture left behind. It also means the carpets stay cleaner, longer, because of the quick-dry characteristic.



Carpets will last longer with this system. Additionally, the cleaner we use with our ION EXCHANGE® technology is organic, making it safer and less harsh for the carpet and environment.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

CLEANPRO® provides dry carpet cleaning service for commercial and residential spaces, but also provides the opportunity for business owners to invest in our team. Our products and techniques speak for themselves, leading to satisfied customers and franchise owners across the nation. CLEANPRO® is confident that the flexibility of the business with the high potential for income will lead to a partnership for many with an entrepreneurial mind. 

CLEANPRO® is unique in the way we offer dry carpet cleaning services, but our customers have seen the results of this method first hand. The technique speaks for itself and we are proud to back it every day. 

CALL TODAY: (888) 888-7771
CLEANPRO - Carpet Cleaning Franchise

What Our Owners Say

"CLEANPRO® is the opportunity of a lifetime."  

"For 16 years I worked in the music business teaching and performing. That life can be tough on someone like me with a wife and two kids. So, looking to make a change I came across CLEANPRO®. I wasn't even looking to get into the carpet cleaning industry I just knew I needed something else other than what I was doing.

What sealed the deal for me was the character of Kevin Owsley, the President, and the staff at CLEANPRO®. They are awesome people with an amazing opportunity. In the years I have been building my CLEANPRO® business, I have found everything I've learned about the ION EXCHANGE® process and how superior it is compared to anything else in the industry, I realized that this by far the best technology available, and nothing can compete with this product. I researched many carpet cleaning companies, and I am confident I have chosen the best. This along with the ongoing support and mentoring from Kevin Owsley and his team have helped me to build something truly amazing for our family." - David Parker, Midland, Texas

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Interested in learning more about CLEANPRO®'s Dry Carpet Cleaning System? Contact us today for more information!

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CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System

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