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Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

A national brand, with national trademarks, making this an opportunity you should not pass up. A win-win for the entrepreneur spirit.


When people think of a franchise, they think of a proven business method that is going to work for them. There are some very good franchises out there, however the really good ones are way overpriced. And the cheaper ones even though they cost less, they take a good chunk out of your pocket every month. The more money you make the more they take. This is why people who look for franchises in all types of industries get turned off in general. For the most part when you buy a franchise, you feel like you're just purchased yourself a job working for someone else. Take a look at a franchise agreement. They're not exactly easy to read. There's a lot of fine print, and as you already know, fine print has never anything good to say. CLEANPRO® is a national brand and we have national trademarks that are hard to forget. When you buy a CLEANPRO® business, you will be getting all the benefits that come with a franchise, without all the red tape and major financial obligations. The CLEANPRO® opportunity was designed to help make people successful by providing our unbeatable carpet cleaning system, comprehensive training course, a proven business system, and mentoring and support for the life of your business. When you compare us to our franchise competitors, it is no contest. We simply have a far greater opportunity. Our business opportunity is simply a win-win for anyone who has the entrepreneur spirit.

CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System

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